Working with children

Terri Louise specialises in  working with children using techniques to understand their perspective of the world.

And through a variety of techniques Terri Louise invariably uses fun and humour as part of her approach.  


Adlerian Therapy
Adlerians believe that the first seven years of a persons life are vitally important.   It is then that their own private logic takes shape and influences decisions that they make.  

The goals of Adlerian Therapists are:

1. Establish a good relationship.
2. Find out the patients private logic and hidden goals
3. Help the patient understand the above
4. Help the patient find better goals through seeing their life differently today.

Also important is the order of birth; whether you are 1st child, 2nd child, only child etc. Adlerian counselling does a lot of work with people's private logic, birth position and early recollections and lifestyles. 

What clients say

Clients respond well to Adlerian counselling because of the respect between themselves and the counsellor, and the improved understanding of themselves that comes from each session.  

People often say that they feel respected and encouraged and understood, which leads to a letting go process of painful things in their past and an enthusiasm and control to face the future.