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Family Consultants

Often the changes that life throws at people (Moving home, new job, divorce, step families, changing school, bereavement etc) can be intimidating and stressful - especially if handled alone, and if having to “Put on a brave face” for the sake of the children/neighbours etc.

Our Family consultants are all professionally qualified experts with backgrounds in Family Counselling, Child Psychology, Bereavement Counselling, Psychotherapy, Life Coaching, Mediation and Facilitation. We work collaboratively with our clients for a successful and lasting resolution

Voice of the Child

The Dilemma: All Parties often agree that the needs of the child are paramount….but how do these needs get discovered with out forcing the child to choose one parent over the other?

Terri-Louise works with children and establishes with them the options and views that they feel they want expressed. These views are then related to the parties during mediation whilst at all times maintaining agreed confidentiality with the children

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